In November 2020, Dr. Vedessa Meluch and Dr. Joseph Gainey purchased Animal Care Hospital from Dr. Charles Sung.  Drs Meluch and Gainey renamed the practice to Animal Wellness and Healing Center, a testament to the modern, integrative medicine that provides a broader scope of veterinary care to the area.  Patients are offered additional traditional and non-traditional therapies while continuing Dr. Sung’s well-known compassion and exceptional care for animals.

Dr. Vedessa Meluch, DVM/CCRP/CVA

Dr. Meluch was born in the Philippines and obtained her veterinary degree in 2005 from the University of Southern Mindanao. A few years later, she moved to North America and was privileged to attend a special post-graduate program (VSTEP) designed to further enhance her veterinary skills offered at the Ontario Veterinary College in the University of Guelph, Canada. 

Her interest in canine rehabilitation and pain management started after seeing a multitude of her patients suffer from lameness and mobility issues. With the desire to serve her current and future patients better, she enrolled at the University of Tennessee and became Certified in Canine Rehabilitation (CCRP). She then focused and added extra classes on getting certified in Management of Canine Osteoarthritis. Shortly after, she took training and became certified in Canine Manual Therapy and added soft tissue and joint mobilizations to her specialty.  Her experience with canine mobility/pain management/rehabilitation was further enhanced with her previous employment at a specialty facility.  She learned and worked closely with specialists in orthopedic surgery, oncology, and neurology and managed a variety of cases prior to opening her own practice in Hubbard, OH. 

Dr. Meluch knew the necessity of providing good medicine to both young and adult pets, but she understood that it is just as important to provide comfort and care for seniors and pets with terminal illnesses. She is very passionate about offering alternative options through Integrative Medicine. She went to Florida to enroll at Chi Institute then obtained her Certification in Veterinary Acupuncture (through Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine) in 2019. Having senior pets of her own, she wanted to create a better understanding of pets’ end of life care and all options available to them and their caregivers. She recently became a member of the International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care and is currently working on her certification in providing hospice and palliative care for animals. 

Dr. Meluch lives with her husband and her two dogs: Avalanche (an 11-year-old Alaskan Malamute) and Kuya (a 1 yr old rescue, Portuguese Water Dog). They also own a 17-year-old Mustang named Cheyenne. In her spare time, she likes to travel and experience various cuisines and cultures from different places.

Dr. Joseph Gainey, DVM

Dr. Joseph Gainey is a 2006 graduate of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine and owns two other veterinary practices in Akron , Ohio. He started his career by working at a busy practice in Dover and Salem OH where he gained a lot of experience in managing a wide array of medical and surgical cases.

Practicing good quality medicine is his top priority. His main interest is being in surgery and performing the procedures using advanced surgical laser . Given his experience in this field, Dr Gainey’s clientele sought him for being very knowledgeable and informative in terms of management of pet’s chronic diseases as well as preventative care. He recently attended Regenerative Therapies and Joint Injection Training by the Veterinary Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Group in Maryland to bring cutting-edge technology in management of orthopedic and soft tissue injuries using Stem Cell Therapy, PRP, and Joint Injections using Hyaluronic Acid in our area.

Dr. Gainey’s passion for animals comes from growing up on a dairy farm in Holmes County, Ohio. He was raised around holstein dairy cattle, horses, dogs, cats, chickens and pigs. To this day, he does his best to find time to visit his mother, who is an avid rider, and enjoys riding his horse “L.B.” He and Angela have six four-legged children, four dogs “Annabelle,” “Benson,” “Honza” and “Webster.” (pictured below) and two cats “Steiny” and “Angus.”

Dr. Jen Hamilton, DVM

Dr. Jennifer Hamilton is a graduate of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. She has a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Wildlife Management. She was previously Chief of Staff at Hermitage Veterinary Hospital.

Dr. Hamilton’s areas of interest are clinical pathology, internal medicine, and dermatology. She also provides medical and surgical care for all types of exotic animals, such as small mammals, reptiles, birds, (parrots, poultry, waterfowl), and amphibians.

Outside of working with animals, Dr. Hamilton enjoys spending time with her two-legged (children), and her four-legged, furred, scaled, and finned family. If there is any spare time, Dr. Hamilton enjoys camping, reading, and all types of water activities.

Angela, Certified Veterinary Practice Manager

Angela has been our veterinary practice manager since 2020. She received her management certification from the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association, majored in interpersonal communications studies at Ohio University, and studied business administration at Belmont Technical College.

Angela admires the unconditional love animals have for humans, and she relishes repaying their love with superb veterinary care, so that they may live their longest, healthiest, and happiest lives. 

While not at work, Angela enjoys reading, playing board games, quilting, and traveling. Her pets include a whopping six Dachshunds: Tucker, Benson, Annabelle, Honza, Watson, and Holmes.

Michaela, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Michaela is a Licensed Veterinary Technician, after graduating from Vet Tech Institute of Pittsburgh, in 2017. She joined our team in 2017, and has been an integral part of our staff ever since. She is very knowledgeable in her field, personable and always willing to explain treatments to our clients.

In her spare time she likes Shopping, gardening, cooking, and exploring new places. Along with her fiancé, Zach, they share their home with Sophie a Chihuahua, Stella the cat, and Marley a yellow lab. Michaela likes working with animals because she states “you get to know them like your own.  You also get to help them and see their progress along the way.

Her helpful pet tip is:  Play with your pets feet and ears!  Make them comfortable with being touched, and socialize them.

Katelyn, Veterinary Technician Student

We would like to introduce you to Katelyn. Katelyn, Veterinary Technician, joined our team in the summer of 2022. Katelyn is currently enrolled in the Penn Foster Veterinary Technician Program. Her family is quite extensive. She has been married for 3 years to her wonderful husband, Brandon. They have quite a menagerie of pets. They include Winston, Buggy, and Paisley, her dogs. Her cats include Mookie, Kiwi, Peter, and Cleo. To round out the family, there is Murphy the bunny, Tiki, the bird, and finally a bearded dragon named Aurora.

When she has a little free time, Katelyn’s hobbies include, hiking, and DIY home projects, and she loves spending time with her family and friends.

Katelyn is quite knowledgeable about exotic pets. Her pet tip is: Research the husbandry for your exotic pets.

Sam, Technical Team Lead

Samantha is industrious, nurturing, and talented technician supervisor. She’s been a part of our team since 2010. She loves her job because it gives her the opportunity to be the voice for animals in need of care and understanding.

Samantha is currently enrolled in the Penn Foster Veterinary Technician Program.

During her time off, Samantha loves to knit, crochet, read, and spend time with her nieces. Her furry family includes two mini Poodles, Max and Penny, and a Saluki-mix named Sherman. She also has two cats, aptly named Rabbit and Fluffer Nutter.

One fun fact about Samantha is she has a Christmas tree dedicated to Poodles.

Samantha’s vet tip for clients: Pet insurance could be your best investment for your pet

Lisa, Veterinary Technician, CSCC

Lisa joined us in January 2021, celebrating over 20 years in the Veterinary field. After completing the course at N.C. State in 2023, Lisa became a Certified Canine Strength and Conditioning Coach. She is a bright spot in the day! Very energetic, and willing to tackle any project. She moved from Florida to Pennsylvania with her family, Sean and Samara. Lisa is originally from our area, and came back to our area to be with family. She loves the medical field in general. She notes that her bond with animals has been strong since she was a little girl. She also loves that fact that taking care of animals is a challenge, because they can’t tell you what is wrong.

Her pet tip, that she would love people to know, is that routine and enrichment help greatly to develop a happy pet. One fun fact about Lisa is she loves nature and all that it creates, and she loves to learn new things.

Ashley, Veterinary Assistant

New to Animal Wellness and Healing Center, she joined us in January of 2021.

Ashley is part of our reception team as of now, but she is currently attending school to become a licensed Veterinary Technician.

When not at work, she keeps busy crafting, shopping, and spending time with friends.

She loves the pets she has at home, Buddy, Cookie, and Bandit, but Ashley loves all animals she meets! She states that she has always wanted to work with cats and dogs since she was a child. A fun fact about Ashley is that in High School she was quite an athlete. Participating in Cheerleading, Volleyball, Basketball, and Track.

She wants pet parents to know the importance of dental care for their pets. Proper dental care and cleaning can keep pets alive and healthy an average of 3 years longer!

Morgan, Receptionist/Assistant

Meet our team member Morgan.  She is just getting her career started in the Veterinary field.  She is currently enrolled in the pre Veterinary program at YSU. We are sure she will be an asset to the field.  A little about her life.  She plays piano, likes tennis, and is an avid reader.  She enjoys the Christmas holidays, and Halloween is a close a second.  She appreciates the support of her mother and father and siblings.  She spends her spare time with her pets Mocha, Sadie, and Sofie.

Sarah, Veterinary Technician Student

Meet Sarah. She comes to us with a vast knowledge of Exotic Pet care. She specializes in Avian and reptile pets. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys spending time with her 3 Great Danes, Bella, Gypsey, and Cas. She has an Akita named Jada, and Duck, which is a little mixed-breed Canine. She has a variety of other pets, and will gladly discuss them with you when you stop in to see her.

Sarah is currently enrolled in the Penn Foster Veterinary Technician Program.

Justine, Veterinary Technician Student

Stop by and meet Justine! She has a great attitude and a quick wit. She is new to our clinic, but we are thrilled to have her on board. Justine is a graduate of Hubbard High and alumni of YSU.

Justine is currently enrolled in the Penn Foster Veterinary Technician Program.

Her hobbies include; reading, playing board games, nature, and basketball. Her newly acquired pet, Chancy, is a great addition to her family. Justine lives in Hubbard and is enjoying her new position at Animal Wellness and Healing Center.

Jeanette, Lead Receptionist

Jeanette has been working in the veterinary field since 2019.  She has a passion for taking care of pets and their owners. She also has experience working at the Columbus Zoo. Her family consists of her Son, who is 13, and he keeps her busy. She has many extended family members, and in her spare time, she likes to bake for them.

Her other hobbies include collecting and researching gemstones, and spiritual wellness. She loves music and has quite a vast knowledge of artists, and their musical catalogs. Her favorite pizza is a delicious veggie option. Stop by and meet Jeanette, she has a great smile and a beautiful personality!

5 stars

Drs Gainey and Meluch and their staff have been nothing but accommodating to my dog and I every time we have been in, whether for routine visits or when something is wrong. Whenever I phone, staff know who I am and who my dog is right away. I have pet insurance (Embrace) and the staff know exactly how to submit my claims, no questions asked! Thankfully, my lab has been very healthy; but the times she’s needed help, they have been there not only for her, but for me as well. Thank you!!


J. Elizabeth, Google Reviews 


5 stars

Great people to care for your pet! I love Dr. Gainey. He cares about the pets he treats. They took awesome care of my Ana who was hit by a car. I was out of the state when we had a rainy week and my fence gave way. When she was found my daughter took her to Dr. Gainey and they took such great care of her.  Needless to say my week out of town ended up being a day and a half! Wouldn’t take my pets anywhere else!


 java4kel, Google Reviews



5 stars

Hands down ....best place to take your pet.  Dr. Gainey and his staff are absolutely wonderful!  They are very caring and you can tell how much they all love animals.  I wouldn’t take my dog anywhere else.


 Melissa Giles, Google Reviews



5 stars

I LOVE GOING THERE!! Today I met another new vet there, a young lady vet,,,.And she is so gentle and friendly to those animals, my pitty fur baby took to her so easy, TY STAYING OPEN


Anonymous, Google Reviews